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Interior design is how we experience space, by combing art with science and math to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment. House of Decor provides flooring, tile, drapery, blinds and other interior resources. We do not sell furniture.


The company's clients get access to a team of talented designers and installers who want to make each space the best it can be.

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Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Freda Roe opened the doors of the House of Decor on 8th Street, Rochester in 1971. The business thrived as customers gathered there for flooring, lighting, and other interior furnishings. 15 years later, their son Bill Roe took over, and has been successfully running the business ever since. In 1990 Bill decided to expand his square footage, and moved the business just one block from 8th Street to its current home on 9th Street. With more room came more possibilities as the House of Decor now offers a wide variety of vendors from multiple branches of the industry. Today the House of Decor is a successful home design mecca of flooring, tiling, blinds, and drapery. Just as the Roe family is successful with their business, we hope to help your home become successful with its design style.

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